Helping You Raise the Bar...Without Hurting Yourself!


Without Accurate Measurements & Statistics,

it is Impossible to Monitor Progress!

The foundation to any scientific approach to a problem involves accurately measuring variables and assessing which factors can alter those variables and to what extent.  In the world of fitness, these variables include heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage and numerous parameters relating to such capacities as strength, flexibility, endurance and others.

To determine whether a certain mode of training or a specific exercise improves any of these variables can only be confirmed by taking measurements at regular intervals and comparing how different factors affect those measurements.  This requires time, patience and a thorough understanding of exercise physiology and biomechanics.

Not keeping track of progress is like driving a car without a speedometer and constantly trying to guess whether you need to accelerate or slow down to match the speed limit!

Our fitness assessments are extremely comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned.  In addition to carefully monitoring such variables as heart rate and blood pressure, we go the extra mile in covering such important areas as training history (if any), past or present injuries, medical conditions, food allergies, sleep habits and many others.  We also offer numerous functional tests for assessing strength, stamina, flexibility, energy levels and other capacities.  That way, you will know exactly where your weaknesses lie and what special considerations need to be addressed to ensure maximal effectiveness with your program. 

Cost - only $65

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