Helping You Raise the Bar...Without Hurting Yourself!

  Rob Malatesta


      647 - FITNESS

  • B.Sc. Kinesiology; B.Sc. Psychology
  • Certified Fitness Consultant (CFC) and Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (PFLC)
  • NCCP Level III Coaching Certification
  • Basic Rescuer CPR and Standard First AID (Canadian Red Cross)


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These are the Benefits that I Offer:

  Highly qualified with 6 years of university education in the fields of exercise physiology, human anatomy and biomechanics, and over 16 years of independent research

(not just a claim to be "certified" after a weekend crash course on the most basic fitness fundamentals)

  Customized personal training program designed specifically for you

(whatever your fitness needs or goals, I will design a program ideally suited to achieve them - I will NEVER use a generic or "cookie-cutter" approach)

  Free fitness facility gym access with NO membership fees required EVER

(STOP wasting your money paying for both gym access AND the personal trainer)

  Comprehensive written fitness evaluation ensuring your needs and special considerations are properly and individually addressed

(whether you are Diabetic, suffer from Fibromyalgia or any other special circumstance, I will make sure you are accommodated)

  Progress charts created at regular intervals to ensure your personal training program is maximally effective

(if the program isn't working for you, I will revise it ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE)

  Full comprehensive physical fitness assessments conducted periodically measuring improvements in body fat percentage, overall body weight, blood pressure, pulse and other parameters

(see what is working and what needs additional attention)

  Detailed nutrition plan provided FREE OF CHARGE with select personal training programs

(I will even go grocery shopping with you and show you the smartest way to buy and the healthiest way to eat)

  Special discounts available to couples, students and corporations

(take FULL ADVANTAGE of the savings available to you)

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