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especially when paired with so many intangibles that come our way constantly. Further to this, when one is furthest from his ideal healthy state, implementing change can feel nearly impossible. Simply put, when one is so fatigued, by the time the work day is spent, all he or she can think about is sleep. And so the vicious cycle perpetuates itself.

To break free of the stagnation requires will power, but it cannot be achieved alone. Likewise, mistakes must be avoided to minimize discouragement, the leading cause of people quitting in their endeavour to be healthier. The number of variables one must consider are mind boggling. To name just a few: diet, exercise, sleep quality and duration, stress levels, psychological state of being, confidence level, degree of commitment and a personal resolve to succeed at whatever cost are mandatory principles that must be mastered. This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch, but it should be understood that any weak link in the chain can cause the whole program to disintegrate, leading to very poor results, if any at all.

Part of my mandate in working with my clients is a comprehensive approach to physical fitness. By comprehensive, I mean literally leaving no stone unturned. Many fitness professionals will guide you through basic exercise movements and make vague occasional diet recommendations. My approach involves educating each individual so as to prepare them for a healthy lifestyle that is independent of other's supervision. Ultimately, every person should understand the logic behind the decisions they make, rather than blindly following orders. I will not leave you on a treadmill for twenty minutes and count that toward your time. Rather, I endeavour to make every moment a learning experience, where you will enrich your knowledge on a wide scope of topics and be able to take the direction you want in your life.

Feel free to browse through the services that I offer and determine for yourself the difference I can make in your life.  Contact me for a free private consultation and don't be shy about asking questions. I derive a great sense of satisfaction from helping others to achieve their hard sought after goals.

First and foremost, allow me to congratulate you on taking the initiative to enhance your health. As trite as it may sound, few people fully appreciate the enormous advantages that overall wellness offers, as few people have ever experienced it. As such, one must not confuse good health with merely the lack of disease. Particularly, in urban communities such as this, there are countless barriers setting us back in our quest that were never major issues in generations past. The city pace is frantic, stress levels are always on the rise, the air is polluted and traffic conditions can be unnerving. Needless to say, our bodies are exposed to far more stressors, including pathogens and free radicals, which suppress our natural immunity and necessitate far better coping mechanisms on our part.

Now allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rob Malatesta, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant.  I have spent the past 16 years trying to break down the human machine, evaluate all of its components and determine the most effective methods for maximizing vitality and slowing down the negative effects of aging. Needless to say, when one is leading an active yet balanced lifestyle based on sound nutrition and excellent habits, one experiences an abundance of energy and a far greater sense of well being. Every lifestyle decision we make will ultimately determine how we feel on a day-to-day basis.

Yet making these lifestyle decisions can be complicated. Knowledge is imperative, as is the right motivation. Changes in lifestyle can be excruciatingly difficult,

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