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Toronto Animal Services - TAS supports a harmonious environment where humans and animals co-exist free from conditions that adversely affect their health and safety. TAS operates four Animal Centres and is responsible for sheltering lost and surrendered animals who are available for adoption to new homes.

World Society for the Protection of Animals - WSPA’s vision is of a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends. WSPA has been promoting animal welfare for more than 25 years. Their work is concentrated in regions of the world where few, if any, measures exist to protect animals. 

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario - the foundation, a volunteer-based health charity, leads in eliminating heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through the advancement of research and its application; the promotion of healthy living; and advocacy. 

Heart and Stroke Health Check Program - the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check program can help you choose foods in grocery stores and restaurants that can be part of a healthy diet. 
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