Helping You Raise the Bar...Without Hurting Yourself!


Get Slim and Trim
(12 week program)

     This remarkable program is designed to have  you lose unwanted weight without compromising energy levels or having to forfeit your favorite meals. Achieve the body image you desire without severe calorie restriction and learn how to maintain it indefinitely.

Pack on the Mass
(12 week program)

     This program is for individuals who are serious about putting on quality lean mass while minimizing unwanted fat and maximizing strength. It focuses on advanced lifting techniques for isolating specific muscle groups while generating as much power as possible. Adequate caloric intake will also be closely monitored to ensure all the raw materials are available.

Complete Conditioning
(session by session)

      This is for the individual who is not preoccupied with either losing or gaining significant weight, but wants to maximize overall conditioning by improving body tone and general strength while having tons of
energy throughout the day.

Maturity Matters
(50+ years of age)

      This program targets those in their more advanced years, amalgamating an excellent conditioning repertoire with a more cautious approach to training. Additional consideration will be given to a proper maintenance protocol, a greater focus placed on cardiovascular health and individualized dietary guidelines will be set forth to optimize hormone balance.

Don't Part with your Heart
(cardiovascular strengthening)

      An excellent program for those primarily concerned with heart health and increasing stamina and endurance levels. Ideal for someone who may be training for a marathon or other long-distance event.

Athletic Services
(sport-specific training)

      This is for those athletes who are serious about their game and want to maximize functional strength for their chosen sport. Emphasis will be placed on muscle groups directly involved in generating force to execute specific movements.

Nature Lover's Packages
(get fit in the great outdoors)

      An opportunity to get in shape within a natural environment. Outdoor training may not be available year-round. Please confirm availability.

Nutritional Consultations
and Plan Design

      A detailed nutrition plan customized to your individual needs and preferences. All your questions answered about supplementation and diet. Includes free follow-up.

The Assessment

(determine your overall
fitness level)

      A comprehensive assortment of tests and evaluations to determine where your weaknesses lie and to better make exercise recommendations. This is not a substitute for a full medical exam.

From sports rehabilitation programs to Fitness Assessments, the certified personal trainers here at Health Fitness Toronto offer some of the best Fitness Programs in Toronto.
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