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"Rob is a real joy to work with and brings an enthusiasm with him that makes working out fun. He always gives me a variety of exercises that makes what used to be a boring process actually stimulating and enjoyable. He can always tell me how an exercise is working for me, and explains the process in simple terms so I can concentrate on how to perform it without being confused. Rob has an engaging personality that makes you want to work hard and push yourself past what you thought you could do. Of course, it is hard work, but Rob makes you want to achieve your goals through constant encouragement and tips. I have seen results in a short period and for the first time in a very long time, can see my goals as something I can realistically achieve. I never feel rushed with him and he makes me feel as if I am his only client. He is organized and moves the sessions along at a good pace without having to pause and think of what to do next. I feel as though Rob has thought and planned the workout for me each time I am with him. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone looking to start a program or gain more knowledge as to what they are doing. The only thing I regret is not calling Rob sooner!"

-John Y, Age 45

"I have always really struggled with exercising. While I know that it is a critical part of being a healthy woman, I never seem to find the time or motivation to get or stay in shape. Rob has helped me to break through the frustrating cycles of excuses that I create for myself.  He has helped me to see that it IS possible for me to enjoy working out and to stay in shape. I travel internationally frequently, and Rob designed a workout routine for me while I am on the go and unable to visit a gym. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his knowledge of fitness is such an encouragement! Rob's support and passion have enabled me to ENJOY exercising!"

-Shannon M, Age 24


"Rob is fantastic at knowing exactly when to change your training and diet. His approach is unlike anything I've seen when it comes to helping you set your goals and giving you a plan of attack. There is no question that Rob is qualified and experienced enough to help even the worst type of client. I had a negative outlook of dieting and training until I decided to sign up with Rob. I had hit a plateau in my training and dieting made me weak.

I am very happy I signed up with Rob and the results I'm getting are great. I've lost 17 pounds, but added 3/4 inch on my arms and 1 1/2 inches on my upper legs. My strength in my deadlift increased by 180 lbs in 12 weeks. That's a consistent 2 % increase in strength every week for deadlifts."

-Brian B, Age 36


"Rob is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer and unbelievable motivator. His effervescent personality is contagious. He loves what he does and it shows! I have been working out several times a week with him for almost a year. I have pushed myself harder and have become stronger than ever under his direction. Rob has taught me so many different ways to get in shape, stay in shape and maintain a healthier lifestyle overall. I love the results!!! I feel better than ever!!! Rob is FANTASTIC! I highly recommend him."

Katrina R, 30-something




"Previous to Rob, my workout experience had not been very effective and I found myself doing the same old thing without any drive. Rob brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to the workouts. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. The variety of exercise and the balanced approach Rob created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself. I am amazed at the time and care he puts in to ensure I do things correctly and get the most value from the exercise. Rob has enabled me to do things I was not able to do before and I believe he has created a much more energetic and happier me! I wholeheartedly recommend Rob for all he has done for me and for his energy, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm!"

-Chris S, Age 27




"I think the most important thing that Rob has taught me about health and fitness is to make sure that I vary my workouts.  He has shown me different ways to work out so that I am not just going running every day but I'm really pushing my body in different ways to get the most out of my workout.  He has taught me that fitness is about much more than just burning calories and that healthy eating is about a lot more than just minimizing my fat intake.  I am healthier and happier now thanks to Rob's guidance and enthusiastic support.  I would truly recommend his services to anyone.  He's fantastic!"

-Nina B, 24


"I worked with Rob for 6 months now and over that period of time, I lost 54 pounds. I went from a size 44 to 36 in jeans. I had bad knee pain from squatting and leg press exercises, but I'm now completely pain free, just from Rob's help. I couldn't bench press 135 lbs but in 6 months, I am now bench pressing 135 lbs for 8 reps. I have recommended Rob to my relatives and friends and they agree that they will reach their fitness and health goals just as fast as I did."


-Andrew T, Age 52


"I had no idea such drastic body changes could happen without stepping foot inside a gym.  Rob showed me how to work and tone every muscle group in the comfort and privacy of my own home.  He is worth every penny.  I feel fantastic!"

-Jennifer L, Age 38


"Rob is an incredible motivator and source of inspiration.  One of my goals in life was to run a marathon, and Rob eagerly and enthusiastically joined me in this pursuit and made the 4 months of training not only physically rewarding, but also fun.  I simply could not have done it without him.  His love for fitness, for people, and for helping others achieve their dreams combine to create an energy about him that is infectious.  I have been a member of fitness clubs for over 13 years, and Rob is the best instructor and trainer that I know." 

-Sara H, Age 25


"Rob's knowledge and professionalism are top notch. Add in his personality and enthusiasm, and his way of making that extra effort fun, and you've got a truly outstanding personal trainer. Very highly recommended."

-Dan G, Age 36




"Hi Rob, I would have to say that you are an extremely positive person with a solid understanding of the athletic body. Your interpretation of creatine use in linear versus 'there and back' speed drills stands out as an example of how you go beyond the simple goal of just training athletes for size - you truly understand the implications of 'function'."

John B, 29




"Rob put me on a diet plan that met my everyday schedule. It was easy to follow his diet as he outlined exactly what to eat and even gave tips on how to prepare the meals for an "on the go!" person like me.
I lost 19 pounds so far in the short time that I have been on Rob's diet. Let's just say that my boyfriend pays "special" attention to me now! Lol! Thanks Rob!"

-Sandy C, 24



"Rob taught me that steroids were not needed to chisel a great body. I really appreciate what I've learned from Rob so far. He's a true motivational expert and is very knowledgeable in helping you reach your goal."

-Ryan S, Age 25


"Rob's advanced training approach combines sport knowledge with intensity.  I look forward to each opportunity to train and improve.  Rob genuinely cares for my personal goals.  His belief in me has helped me to overcome many obstacles, allowing me to take my game to the next level."

Justin K, 32


"Rob, I think you are a very knowledgeable charismatic leader. I look up to you in terms of keeping up with the science of the training and not just being happy with the status quo and just making money off people. I like your drive to know more and succeed. You have set a precedent and all fitness industry professionals should try to keep up with the newest trends and info like you."

-Nancy K, 24


"I have been running and exercising for as long as I can remember, and I was extremely bored with my workout routine. Working out with Rob has been very rewarding. Rob immediately realized what was important to me, and what I wanted to accomplish. I couldn't believe that just after a few weeks, I was doing "boy" pushups! He is a wonderful motivator and truly enjoys what he does. Rob is an inspiration and an awesome trainer!"

Vanessa B, 29




"Rob helped me a lot on my eating, told me what to eat and when to eat it. Also I'm a runner and Rob helped me a lot on my strength and speed with the program he assigned me. With Rob's plan, I noticed a difference in results from my regular routine in a week."

Benny P, 29

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