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"Dear Rob,

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the way you deal with potential clients. When we met for our BBI, you provided detailed information on your education - University Degree in Kinesiology - and more than 10 years of experience.

Obviously we got around to talking about the benefits of exercise and the proper eating plan, and once again it was clear that you are more than qualified to guide both a beginner and an advanced workout expert to achieve their nutritional and well-being goals.

When I mentioned that I would be interested in working with you to get healthy, you demonstrated an unusual thoroughness in getting information about my current health and medical history and list of medications and exercise routine.

That wasn't sufficient, however. We arranged a telephone interview to review this information and when we talked, what impressed me most is how you explained "if you do this, then that...". Some of this information is really out of my realm of interest,  BUT I am pleased that the person guiding me in my wellness goals knows and understands these outcomes as they relate to me.

It was also obvious that you had researched the medications I take, and what their effects are on the body - and you made suggestions on what exercises would work better than others to start with. You also e-mailed me a food consumption sheet to record what I eat for a week so you can make appropriate dietary modifications.

Rob, I have to tell you that this is the first time in all the years of on/off exercise programs that someone has taken all my personal factors into consideration before designing something effective exclusively for me.

In front of the members of our BNI chapter I am committed to doing whatever you tell me (and even my husband doesn't have that luxury) to get on the right track to health improvement and I look forward to working with you on Project B-Vital (that's B for me and Vital meaning Very Important).


Bethea R"

-Bethea R

"I started with Rob after experiencing a disk injury in my cervical spine. I was fully healed but knew I had to take preventive measures to increase my strength and fitness. Rob designed a full body strength training program; although initially I was nervous, my confidence grew tremendously with Rob. I learned good weight lifting techniques for the exercises themselves and for setting up/replacing weights. This has made a big difference to keeping me injury free. I also lifted more than I ever had. Rob has a consistent, steady approach, and does not use pressure tactics. He's a great person to work with.


-Carrie M

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