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The Importance of Enzymes

by Rick Gray

Building bigger muscles isn't exactly rocket science.

You just need to train right and eat a lot of protein and high quality food. But I've discovered the BIGGEST reason most bodybuilders make puny and pathetic gains. They DRASTICALLY underestimate how much food is required to gain muscle.

When you're training correctly and you start packing in HUGE amounts of high quality protein and calories, you get BIGGER and STRONGER! But here's one of the secrets I learned from the famous "old school" bodybuilders that can help you gain muscle even faster...

All the extra protein and calories won't help you gain muscle if you're not digesting and assimilating it.

The key to getting bigger and stronger as fast as genetically possible is Complete Digestion And Assimilation Of Protein and Other Nutrients Needed For Muscle Growth. And the secret to THAT is the right combination of enzymes.

Enzymes are proteins that are VITAL for various biological functions. For example, certain enzymes break down the food you eat into simpler compounds and convert those nutrients into energy and new cell the new muscle cells you need for bigger muscles. But when you eat the big quantities of food your body needs for building muscle mass, you don't always secrete all the necessary enzymes to digest it all.

Without enough enzymes, all that food passes through your body mostly unused. No Extra Protein And Calories Assimilated Means No New Muscle Mass!

And it gets even worse...

After about age 25, the amount of enzymes secreted by your body starts to go downhill FAST. So even if you're working your ass off in the gym, eating everything that isn't nailed down and pounding protein shakes like they're going out of style... you're STILL not going to get the muscle gains you desire so badly.

Supplementing with digestive enzymes allows you to consume more protein and calories, and more importantly, ASSIMILATE all that extra protein and calories so you can Gain The MAXIMUM Possible Muscle Mass in MINIMUM Time.
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